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Room acoustics, misc:

Orchestra Conductor’s Acoustics, Forum Acusticum, Torino, Magne Skålevik 18.09.2023

Orchestra Conductor’s Acoustics, BNAM 2022 Alborg, Denmark, Magne Skålevik 11.05.2022

Absorption Area Matters in Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal Rooms ISRA 2019 Amsterdam, Magne Skålevik 16.09.2019

Restrictions on V-T combinations related to ensemble size Magne Skålevik 20.03.2019

Geffen Hall - a 3D model study of incremental modifications to improve acoustics Magne Skålevik 23.12.2018

Simulations and subjective rating of acoustic conditions in a symphony orchestra - a case study IOA Hamburg by M Skalevik 05.10.2018

Concert Hall Acoustics, Online Rating, and Beranek’s Data Collection ICSV London 2017 by M Skalevik 26.07.2017

Time-varying IACC during Tchaikovsky 4th Symphony  ASA-EAA-Boston-2017 presentation by M Skålevik 29.06.2017

Observations from the field—Active Acoustic Systems; ASA-EAA-Boston-2017 presentation by Ellison and Skalevik  08.12.2017

Can spatial listening aspects of a hall be measured during a concert?

Can Spaciousness be measured directly from a music performance in a concert hall? (3MB pptx) (1MB PDF) by M Skålevik 31.10.2015

Noise exposure of musicians: The own instrument’s sound compared to the sound from others by Wenmaekers and Hak 08.06.2015

Level balance between Self, Others and Reverb, and its significance to noise exposure as well as mutual hearing in orchestra musicians by M Skålevik 05.06.2015

Consistency in music room acoustics for the orchestra musician, by M Skålevik 10.09.2014

How many diffusers are required to soften the Hard Case , by M Skålevik, FA2014 presentation 09.09.2014

Rehearsal room acoustics for the orchestra musician by M Skålevik 02.06.2014

M Skålevik: Concert hall preference prediction—uncertainties from using a selection of data 09.06.2013

M Skålevik: Can concert hall preference be predicted with physical quantities?  05.11.2012

M Skålevik: Music Room Acoustics - Critical parameters  17.06.2012

M Skålevik: Concert Hall Parameters—Status Report 2012  17.06.2012

D Griesinger: Audibility of direct sound as a key to understanding clarity of music and speech

M Skålevik: Orchestra Canopies presented at 162nd ASA meeting   02.11.2011

M Skålevik: Small Room Acoustics - The Hard Case Forum Acusticum 2011 presentation  03.08.2011

Schroeder Frequency Revisited, Forum Acusticum 2011 presentation by M Skålevik 29.06.2011

Non-linear decays in simple rooms and their possible exploitation by M Barron 14.06.2011

Diffusion in concert halls analysed as a function of time during the decay process by CL Christensen and JH Rindel 24.05.2011

Concert Hall Parameters Relevance Test  (ICA 2010 presentation) by M Skålevik 03.09.2010

The Relationship Between Audience Engagement and Our Ability to Perceive the Pitch, Timbre, Azimuth and Envelopment of Multiple Sources by D Griesinger 03.09.2010

Reverberation Time—the mother of all room acoustical parameters by M Skålevik 14.05.2010

Tonal response in rooms (Microstructure of room acoustic FR) by M Skålevik 20.10.2009

An improved low frequency radiation model for finite sound reflectors by J Rathsam and L Wang

Objective assessment of concert hall acoustics  by Mike Barron 09.10.2008

Room acoustic parameters - their distribution over concert hall seats, by M Skålevik 05.10.2008

When is a concert hall too quiet? , by Mike Barron. 23.09.2008

Acoustical Modelling with Sonel Mapping, by Kapralos, Jenkin and Milios. 25.09.2007

Influence of ceiling profile on distribution of room acoustical parameters, by Stephenson. 21.09.2007

Stage conditions for orchestral performance, by Dammerud / Barron. Early subjective and objective studies of concert hall stage conditions for orchestral performance.  21.09.2007

Sound Transmission Through the Orchestra by Skålevik. 31.08.2007

Measurements related to mutual hearing (hearing others) in symphony orchestra (829kB pdf)

Diffusivity and directivity by Skålevik.  The direct sound component radiated from the source correlates poorly with the produced sound energy. Early reverberant sound can compensate for this. Link to slide-show (0.4MB pdf) here. Link to full paper here. 02.04.2007

Orchestra Canopies—Significant Features, by Skålevik. Orchestra canopies—do they make a useful difference and can it be measured? Link to slide-show (1.1 MB pdf) here. Link to full paper here. 02.04.2007

Reflections, scattering and diffraction in room acoustics

Low frequency limits of reflector arrays  by Skålevik

An improved low frequency radiation model for finite sound reflectors by Rathsam et.al

The scattering from reflector panels with convex edges  by Rathsam/Wang

Culling insignificant diffraction components by Calamia/Svensson

Edge diffraction in computer modeling  by Svensson/Calamia

Presentations from external sources

L Beranek: Aspects of Concert Hall Acoustics 


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