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Welcome to the site dedicated to the field of Concert Hall Acoustics. This field has over the past century grown to become the Queen of room acoustics.

Below is a list of selected topics related to the field of Concert Hall Acoustics, including links to relevant akuTEK research fields. To get more information, follow the links.

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Concert Hall Acoustics

Concert Hall Acoustics, misc

Rehearsal room acoustics for the orchestra musician (paper), and presentation by M Skålevik 04.06.2014

Rooms for music – Acoustical needs and requirements , by J H Rindel 04.06.2014

Concert hall preference prediction—uncertainties from using a selection of data , the presentation by M Skålevik at ISRA 2013 Toronto

Room Acoustical Parameters in predictions of concert hall preference  - about uncertainties, explanation and understanding , by M Skålevik 22.03.2013

Wenmaekers, Hak and van Luxemburg, on concert hall Stage Acoustics (more Stage Acoustics)
On Measurements of Stage Acoustic Parameters: Time Interval Limits and various Source–Receiver Distances
The influence of Room Acoustic Aspects on the Noise Exposure of Symphonic Orchestra Musicians;
A Model for the prediction of Sound Levels within a Symphonic Orchestra based on measured Sound Strength

Concert hall parameters, correlation and target values

M Skålevik: Room Acoustical Parameters in predictions of concert hall preference  - about uncertainties, explanation and understanding, published  20.03.2013
M Skålevik:
Can concert hall preference be predicted with physical quantities? AIA-DAGA conference 20 March 2013
Anders Gade:
Acoustics for Symphony Orchestras; status after three decades of experimental research
Visualizing dynamic spatial response (pptx file, click F5 or “slide show”)
Online listening tests:
Stage Acoustics and Hearing of Others
Concert hall intimacy and monaural distance perception
Binaural perception of Proximity, Distance Que and Reverberance

Concert Hall Parameters 2012—Status Report  published  23.04.2012

Concert Hall Parameters and concert hall preference IOA Dublin 2011 poster 02.08.2011

Concert Hall Parameters - We still haven’t found what we’re looking for IOA Dublin 2011 paper 19.04.2011

Acoustic description of the Great hall of the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory
by H Möller et al  12.09.2010

Concert Hall Parameters Relevance Test  (ICA 2010 presentation) by M Skålevik 03.09.2010
Phase Coherence as a Measure of Acoustic Quality:    by D Griesinger 03.09.2010
1 The Neural Mechanism;
2 Perceiving Engagement;
3 Hall Design
Sound Strength in Small Halls by J Hyde and H Möller  12.09.2010
Behaviour of lateral energy in small concert halls by H Möller and J Hyde 12.09.2010
How loud is my reverberation? by D Griesinger 03.09.2010
Objective assessment of concert hall acoustics M Barron (paper) (presentation)
When is a concert hall too quiet?  M Barron
Room acoustic parameters - distribution over concert hall seating area M Skålevik  (Paper) (Presentation)
Frequency limits of reflector arrays—status report M Skålevik
Diffusivity and its effect on concert hall seat absorption (paper) (poster) M Skålevik
Origin of the (performance) Spaces
Stage acoustics, support and mutual hearing in ensemble
Reflector array and orchestra canopy design
Prediction of echoes, and flutter-echoes
Diffusivity—its significance to perceived sound quality
Directivity of musical instruments - how to deal with it in a concert hall
Performers perception of own voice or instrument
Demo—sound examples of reverberance for audience and performers
akuTEK research—misc topics

Computational acoustics:

Methods for computer assisted prediction of acoustics is very important to research in the field of room acoustics, and for development and design of new performance spaces. Computational capacity in computers has increased since Krokstad et al started out in the 1960’s, but so have our demands.

Relevant links

History of some orchestras and their concert halls: 

History of Berlin Philharmonie

History of Wigmore Hall

Vienna Hofburg - orchestra and halls

The Carnegie Hall Story

Bridgewater Hall

Orchestras, images and layouts

Visualizing Concert Hall Reverberation

The best buildings you’ll ever hear

According to the musicians who play here, the opera house may look great but it sounds dreadful

A treat for soloists, chamber orchestras and singers, but too dry and flat acoustics for a big orchestra”

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