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Intimacy in concert halls: “Listen to the four 10 second violin pieces by single-click on A1, A2, B1 and B2 (monaural wav).”

The test opened 2012-09-13 and reached response count of 50 by 2012-10-01.

Acoustical data were not revealed before response count reached N=50. Results from N=50 responses are presented below. Acoustical key data of the four pieces revealed after N=50 as follows:

B’s have 6dB stronger D-R (direct-to-reverb balance) than the A’s. A1 and A2 have equal D-R. B1 and B2 have equal D-R. The significance of “1” and “2”: The 1’s have a silent initial time delay gap of ITDG =33ms between direct sound and onset of reverb. The 2’s have ITDG=0ms. The reverb tail is an IR measured at 14m from a dodecahedron in a concert hall with T=2.1s and EDT=2.0s, where its direct component and its natural ITDG of 29ms have been replaced with silence. The reverb tail is identical in content and level in all four pieces.

Note that the validity of on-line audio testing has not been widely verified.

Thanks to all participants! Want more? Check out what’s up on AKUTEK’s listening test page.

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