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The following terms apply to the sites akutek.info and akutek.no with sub-sites.

Any copying, quoting or other use of material published on akutek.info or its sub-sites should be with reference to web site and author.

Information from akutek.info is encouraged to be passed on in the akuTEK spirit of free sharing.

Authors and users should be aware that, if not otherwise noted, material on akutek.info is published without approval from a scientific committee prior to publication.

Contributing authors should be aware of the sharing policy of akutek.info.

Authors or akuTEK can not be held responsible for any use of contents on akutek.info.

Users of any material on akutek.info are presumed to be aware of the terms above.

The rights to the web-domains akutek.info and akutek.no with sub-sites are owned by akuTEK Magne Skålevik.

akuTEK is registered in Norway since 2004 with organization number 986 140 905.

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