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Acoustic Group, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU

Department of Speech, Music and Hearing - KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Acoustic Technology, Technical University of Denmark - DTU

Acoustic Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology - TKK

Music Acoustics, University of New South Wales - UNSW, Sidney, Australia

Institute of Acoustics - IOA

Open University, United Kingdom - OU

Salford Acoustics Audio & Video: ResearchConcert Hall AcousticsAcoustics FAQs


Acoustical Societies:

Norwegian Acoustical Society NAS

European Acoustics Association EAA

Acoustical Society of America

Links to More than 30 European Acoustical Societies

Acoustical Societies: Japan; China; India; Australia;

Catgut Acoustical SocietyCAS Forum of the Violin Society of America


Free publications:

AST Acoustical Science and Technology: Search “Concert Hall Acoustics”; Search Author, Title, Keyword, etc...; Search “Room Acoustics”;

KTH Speech an Music Publications:  PhD’sMaster ThesisProgress and Status reportsSMAC and other

UNSW Music Acoustics: ResearchPublicationsBasic introduction to Music Acoustics

OU Research Group, Music AcousticsJournal Papers, Conference Papers, Thesis

TKK Acoustic Laboratory, Publications, some free publication in-between: Papers and Theses

ASA / JASA ASA Digital Library, search, article summaries and abstracts



RPG Diffusor Systems, free publications: Library including Presentations and White Papers

ODEON publications: More than 30 papers on room acoustics and computer simulations

Leo Beranek Wikipedia article

 D Griesinger homepage

Stage acoustics for symphony orchestras by JJ Dammerud

Georgia State University, hyperphysics.edu  Auditorium acoustics



Upcoming events from https://euracoustics.org/events (when new window opens, scroll down):   Upcoming events

Proceedings ICA 2016 Proceedings

Proceedings ISMRA 2016 Proceedings

Proceedings International Symposium on Room Acoustics ISRA 2013 Proceedings

Proceedings Baltic Nordic Acoustical Meeting (BNAM) 2012 Proceedings papers 

Proceedings ICA 2010 Proceedings

Proceedings International Symposium on Room Acoustics ISRA 2010 Proceedings

Proceedings International Symposium on Music Acoustics ISMA 2010 Proceedings

Proceedings ICA Proceedings 1998-2013




Salford Acoustics Audio & Video

Misc on proav.de (scroll menu page left)



Reverberation time, absorption coefficient, diffuse field level

SPL, velocity, impedance, intensity, density

Air absorption (dB/m) calculator


Violin acoustics (misc research and thesis):

Bowed-string acoustics

Knut Guettler dissertation: The Bowed string

Charlampos Saitis PhD work Homepage

Eric Fouilhe: The cello tailpiece. How it affects the sound of the instrument

Claudia Fritz homepage

Jim Woodhouse homepage

Martin Schleske


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