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About akuTEK and akutek.info

akuTEK was founded by Magne Skålevik in 2004 with the aim to promote development in the acoustic field, through education,  research and development.

The spirit of akuTEK is the free flow and sharing of knowledge, inspired by the ancient library.

akuTEK is run by Magne Skålevik, who on daily basis is a senior acoustical consultant in Brekke & Strand Akustikk, located in Oslo, Norway. Running akuTEK is an independent spare time activity.

The name akuTEK is a portmanteau of the Greek words akuein (to hear) - the origin of the word acoustics, and theke (a container) - as in bibliotheca (library, i.e. a book container), and discotheque.

akuTEK contributes to development and supervising of Master thesis in acoustics at Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU - in Trondheim, Norway.

The goal of the web site akutek.info is to be an independent center for search, research and free sharing of information and knowledge in the field of acoustics, in the spirit of akuTEK.

As relevant to akutek.info readers is considered any topic in room acoustics, music acoustics, speech acoustics, perception and their interrelation in general, and concert hall acoustics and stage acoustics in particular, presented in the akuTEK spirit of free sharing.

The 2006 launching of the akutek.info site is the single most ambitious step in akuTEK history until today.

Norwegian register number (Org. nr.): 986 140 905

Since 2009, we have run a test of the effect of giving room for some Ads from Google. The intention is to be self-supported as to costs related to running the site, without compromising akuTEK policy, by allowing Ads that are relevant to readers. The tests will continue this year.

Latest change 13.08.2019

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