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wav or mp3 ?

2014-11-05 Audio compression and sound reproduction format:

The mp3-format offer sound reproduction with less data load than the wav-format. However, the significance of audible differences between wav and mp3 has been a matter of controversy.

Below you will find links to an mp3-version and a wav-version of the same music piece, i.e. the first 15 seconds of Prokofievís Dance of the Knights, and their respective spectrograms. Some may find the audible difference smaller than the visual difference between the spectrogram of the two, and vice versa. Judge for yourself. Headphones are recommended. Binaural live audio, New York Philhamonic, Avery Fisher Hall, row W, seat 112.




Photographers may comment that the mp3-spectrogram has more contrast on the expense of lost details in the shadows (blue).


Spectrogram axis are 0-15s horizontal and 0-22kHz vertical.

You can watch the ballet together with the music here Dance of the knights

More info about MP3 from this external source MP3


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